Same-sex couples, same-sex partnerships and same-sex marriages:
a focus on cross-national differentials

Proceedings from the Stockholm Conference, 25-26 September 2003
Documents de travail n°124, Ined, 2004. 304 p.

Contents & list of contributors

- Patrick Festy

Paths towards equality…
- Marie Digoix

Facts towards equality: Law factors and social meanings of law
The pacs, four years later: A beginning or an end?
- Daniel Borrillo & Eric Fassin
The best way to court. The French mode of registration and its impact on the social significance of partnerships
- Wilfried Rault
Happy ever after? The problems of terminating registered partnerships
- Ian Sumner
Levels of legal consequences of marriage, cohabitation and registered partnership in nine European countries
- Kees Waaldijk

The adoption of the laws: Contextual and historical factors
Variations on an equitable theme: Explaining international same-sex partner recognition laws
- M. V. Lee Badgett
Research on homosexual partners and parents in Flanders (Belgium)
- Martine Corijn
Restrained reform Securing equality for same sex couples in Iceland
- Kolbeinn Stefánsson & Guðný Björk Eydal
Denial of equal marriage rights for lesbians and gay men in the Netherlands
- Bas van de Meerendonk & Peer Scheepers
Same-sex couples in Spain. Historical, contextual and symbolic factors
- José Ignacio Pichardo Galán
From outlaw to in-Law: On registered partnerships for homosexuals in Scandinavia, its history
and cultural implications

- Jens Rydström

What sexual identity?: The number and its construction
Steady partnerships among gay men in Germany: Findings from the national gay press survey
- Michael Bochow
What if same-sex couples exist in France after all?
- Marie Digoix, Patrick Festy & Bénédicte Garnier
Bi and Homosexuality in the national surveys in Europe
- Osmo Kontula
Pacs: The chaotic emergence of the category in French social surveys
- Marie-Ange Schiltz
Same-sex couples in the Netherlands
- Liesbeth Steenhof & Carel Harmsen

They did it!
The demographics of same-sex “marriages” in Norway and Sweden
- Gunnar Andersson, Turid Noack, Ane Seierstad & Harald Weedon-Fekjær

From the steady relationship to the couple: The social and the symbolic
Homonorm versus “the constructionnist controversy” revival: The “gay identity” under crisis
- Jean-Yves Le Talec
Rituals and same-sex unions
- Ragnhild Schanke

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