More Or Less Together: Levels of legal consequences of marriage, cohabitation and registered partnerships for different-sex and same-sex partners: A comparative study of nine European countries
Documents de travail n░125, Ined, 2005. 192 p.

Table of contents

by Kees Waaldijk

Comparative overview
Kees Waaldijk

Comparative analysis
Kees Waaldijk

Major legal consequences of marriage, cohabitation and registered partnership for different-sex and same-sex partners in:

- Belgium by Olivier De Schutter & Kees Waaldijk
- Denmark by S°ren Baatrup & Kees Waaldijk
- Finland by Rainer Hiltunen & Kees Waaldijk
- France by Daniel Borrillo & Kees Waaldijk
- Germany by Dirk Siegfried & Kees Waaldijk
- Iceland by H
refna Fri­riksdˇttir & Kees Waaldijk
- Netherlands by Kees Waaldijk
- Norway by John Asland & Kees Waaldijk
- Sweden by Hans Ytterberg & Kees Waaldijk
Sociological questions: an epilogue by Eric Fassin

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